12:00pm BBQ/ Registration @Suicycle
06:00pm Sightchase, Start @Suicycle
08:00pm Vegan Chili @Oberhafen
09:00pm Nonstop Schwitzen Funny Games @Oberhafen
All Day: Exhibition @Raum für Fahrradkultur


12:00pm Breakfast/ Registration @Rote Flora
03:00pm Londoner’s Speech @Rote Flora
07:00pm Alleycat
10:00pm Dinner (Vegan) @Rote Flora
11:00pm Party @Rote Flora
Ponytyler Goldsprint


Trackday by St. Pauli Trackteam // FC St. Pauli Radsport
11:00am Breakfast @Velodrome
11:00am Open Session
01:00pm Qualifying
03:00pm 1:1 Sprints
All Day: There’s a possibility to
play bike polo @Velodrome
All Day: Exhibition @Raum für Fahrradkultur


08:00am (Bring your own) breakfast @Park Fiction
Groupride to Copenhagen