Tour Info

We will ride 130k on Monday – 70k on Tuesday and 160k on Wednesday.
Overview of the >>> Route

Day 1


Day 2

Gremersdorf – Puttgarden Ferry Terminal
Rødby – Nakskov

Day 3

Nakskov – Copenhagen

General Info

We’ll be camping, so bring your sleeping bag + mat, tent and PASSPORT and 15€ for the ferry ticket.
At the campsite Gremersdorf space is limited. We are allowed to pitch up to 20 tents which means: Sharing is caring! Or, better bring a big tent than a small one.
We have a van where you can put your bag/tent + stuff you don’t need during the ride. But please remember that capacities are limited. No dogs, sofas or spare bikes on the bus. Also, the van is NOT going back to Hamburg, neither does it drive to Cologne/Paris.
Except for Tuesday morning we won’t have any meals prepared, make sure to take care of your food. Also, for the pocket knife enthusiasts among you, check out Denmark’s rather strict knife legislation.
We will make stops so you can catch up with the van. First day the two stops will be LIDL parking lots in Bad Segeberg and Eutin. On the third day the van will stop at ALDI Vordingborg.
Check the google maps links for the exact location.


Get up early! We meet at 8am at Park Fiction. Bring your own food if you wanna have breakfast, cafes and supermarkets are just around the corner. The group ride starts at 9am! We’ll follow the route Hamburg – Bad Segeberg – Eutin – Gremersdorf. So if you don’t want to ride all the way check out the regional trains going to Norderstedt, Bad Segeberg, Bad Oldesloe or Lübeck.
Our campsite for the night is Blanck-Eck in Gremersdorf. It even has it’s own beach! They also have a small shop on their site so although we won’t provide dinner you can probably get some food there when you arrive.
IMPORTANT: There will only be space for around 20 tents – so make some friends and share.

Tuesday. – rest day –

We’ll have some breadrolls and stuff for breakfast. So after leaving the campsite (before 12am) it’s only 40K to the ferry Puttgarden-Rødby. The crossing takes about one hour but they don’t have space for more than 25 bikes at once so we should not arrive there altogether at the same time.
Please remember to bring 15€ for the ticket and have your passport with you.
From Rødby harbour we follow the coastline westwards to Nakskov where we’ll stay for the night at the campsite Nakskov Fjord Camping.
You’ll have to take care of your own food here!


Organise your own stuff for breakfast. The day will be long..
In Copenhagen the van is gonna drop the bags at the housing venue DGI-Byen which is located next to the main station.


We tested out the journey from Rødby to Kopenhagen on a cloudy Friday in March this year.. great hustle.